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COPID UPDATE – Funsters need your support to stay viable – so many soft play centres have closed and we need our customers to visit to allow us to survive.
We have done everything we can to be Covid safe – below are the rules under Tier 2 which we all have to follow, stay safe ?


After 7 months of being closed, we are now open. Things have been tough and we now need all our lovely customers to come back to us.

Customer/staff safety is and always has been extremely important to us. Our customers know how clean we try to keep the Centre, but because of the Covid-19 we have had to put all sorts of additional measures in place, including many more hygiene /sanitising procedures to keep us all safe.

We have changed to an On-line Booking system (a few teething problems, so if you have difficulty please contact us). We have changed over to sessional bookings, this  allows us to clean/sanitise in between sessions. We have followed the Government Guidelines and for us to be allowed to remain open we ask you to abide by these and please be patient with us. (T & C’s)

We have missed you all especially the children, we now have the opportunity to catch up. Hope to see you all soon … in the meantime stay safe and take care.





If you would like to take advantage of the Meal Deal, just mention this when you place your order.